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Almost one in four people in Northern Ireland are non-religious and the percentage is rising. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to mark important events in their lives in deeply meaningful

ways. A Humanist or non-religious religious ceremony is an increasingly popular option for individuals, couples and families who are non-religious.All Humanist ceremonies are created specifically for that particular occasion and are composed in close consultation between the celebrant and the people involved. There is an honesty and warmth about a Humanist ceremony as it marks the occasion in a well-structured and balanced way.

Jamie’s Baby Naming

A Humanist ceremony has no set script because the celebrants will work with you and attend to your wishes. The focus is on the person or couple concerned and the content and tone will be determined primarily by you. This means that there is nothing that hasto be included and you will have the opportunity to read some or all of the draft beforehand if you wish.

Ceremonies can include: welcoming a much-loved baby to the world with a bespoke naming ceremony; or celebrating a couple’s marriage in a way that is warm and genuine, that’s about the two of them and their relationship, and is full laughter and perhaps a few tears too; or a funeral that focuses on the person who had died and the life they led – rather than on the idea of an afterlife – and provides a dignified and sincere way of saying goodbye.

Humanist celebrants can provide high-quality, personal, non-religious ceremonies. They are passionate about their work and providing people with an appropriate way to mark the most important moments in their lives.

Legal Humanist Weddings in N.I.

Troy and Sarah Prenter’s wedding at Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh which include the Celtic Hand-fasting ritual and the planting of 2 oak trees.

The wedding of Carl Frampton, local boxing hero, and Christine Dorrian (right) was held in the Old Inn, Crawfordsburn, on Sunday 27th October 2013.  Some 150 guests attended and the Humanist ceremony was conducted by Myrtle Ewing.


Jennifer Sturgeon at a funeral and baby naming