What Is Humanism?

Humanism is a view of life and a way of life. It is for those people who base their interpretation of existence on the evidence of the natural world and its evolution, and not on belief in a supernatural power. Humanism is the belief that we can live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. Humanists make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values.We seek to make the best of the one life we have by creating meaning for ourselves.We take responsibility for our actions and work with others for the common good.

  1. Humanism is a philosophy of life based on reason, love,  compassion, tolerance and our common humanity.
  2. Humanism believes that we should reject authoritative opinion and instead think, feel and act for ourselves.
  3. Humanism rejects belief in gods and an afterlife and affirms that human beings are as much a natural phenomenon as an animal or a plant.
  4. Humanism views scientific knowledge not as certain but provisional, theories not as final answers but working tools, and values not as god-given but springing from human nature and human needs.
  5. Humanism asserts that we can live decent, honest and upright lives, with full respect and consideration for others, without belief in the supernatural, religion, dogma, superstition or ‘faith’.
  6. Humanism affirms the worth, dignity and autonomy of the individual and the right of every person to the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others.
  7. Humanism believes that we should try to live full and happy lives ourselves and help others to do the same.
  8. Humanism thinks that the meaning of our lives is not part of a supernatural ‘plan’ but rather lies in our enrichment of the lives of others.
  9. Humanism embraces diversity while asserting the primacy of fundamental human values and rights.
  10. Humanism campaigns for a secular state in which religion no longer occupies a privileged position or influences government policy.

Dictionary definition

Humanism, n: devotion to human interests; system of thought concerned with human not religious matters; doctrine emphasising common human needs and seeking rational ways of solving human problems.

Aims of Humani

Humani is an organisation that promotes secular Humanism and represents the interests of those who adopt this enlightened philosophy. We promote freethought, tolerance, compromise and community in a society dominated for so long by sectarian religious and nationalist ideologies. We provide a forum for debate, discussion and education on the important issues of the day through activities such as our monthly meetings, our website, our all-Ireland Summer School, our Facebook page and our quarterly magazine.